Fuel smell when warming up car in the morning

Lately whenever I start the car in the morning to warm it up I can smell the fuel.

Any idea why? and how to fix it?

Car newbie here, so any help is appreciated. Thanks

It could possibly be your injector seals (the o-rings) leaking…

i have a gas smell due to 1) no cat and 2) a slight misfire

possibly you just gutted your cat, and unburned fuel is escaping out the tailpipe, or you could have a misfire

of course there are tons of other reasons for this…

may be fuel filter

after my first oil change, I smelled some fuel burning around my car I checked under the hood and I could see the fuel filter leaking, I replaced it, but I couldnt see any cracks or anything on the old fuel filter. But after that I didnt smell anything, everything was okay.

I had this problem with one of my hondas and it turned out to be the fuel injectors manifold, if this is the problem, honda installed looking around 500