fuse panel cover

can someone help me out. I have no driverside kick panel, so that means no fuse cover.

I need a pic of the fuse box cover, or can someone tell me which fuse is to the radiator fan. I think it either fuse 15, or fuse 20.

edit i have a 93 gs, searched but can only find 91, or the pics dont work.

It’s the same from 90-93. I’ll have a photo for you in a few min.

Warning… the photos are kinda big. I’ve linked them instead of including inline links.

Just remember that if you’re looking at the fuse box, the fuses are reveresed from left to right (no clue why). PAY ATTENTION to the numbering.

BTW, #21 is your cooling fan relay, #20 is your condensor fan, #12 is the cooling fan. This is from a 91 LS, US model, not Canadian (apparently they used the same box/sticker for all North American models)


thanks, that will help in the future. :smiley:

does anyone still have these pix or know of somewhere i can find a picture. my 90 GS doesn’t have a panel cover… I’m cursing the previous owner for the mess he left the car in! haha

Damn, forgot to update this thread when I shut down stateofbean.org

Here’s the pics.

anyone know what plugs into this box. I need either a diagram or something to tell me what plugs from the INTERIOR wirng harness into this box. Thanks

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The fuse locations are the same on the Canadian car, the only diff. I can see between the two, “Heater, air conditioning and engine cooling fan system” is the Canadian car does not have a “Radiator Fan Control Module” or the “Engine Oil Temperature Switch”, [also a switch like the “ECTS”, it supplies a ground signal to the “RFCM” when the oil gets to a certain temperature], and instead of the “Condenser Fan Relay” coil getting power from the “RFCM” it gets it from the 7.5A, hot in run, [fuse 17 in under dash fuse box] along with the coil in the “A/C Compressor Clutch Relay” and the "Mode Control Motor and “Dimmer Circuit” and the “on” bulb in the “A/C Switch” :roll: 94

missing your fuse puller there slappy.

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junkman, that’s actually my fuse box :roll: I snapped those pics a bit over a year ago I think.

top cuz I still need a picture of how everything plugs into this under-dash fuse box

See the 5 term. just above the fuses?


They are the “free pins” and they are diff. on diff. years and models of Honda/Acuras, but on all, [except newer ones] you will find a 12V+ constant, a 12V+ ACC., a 12V+ 2nd ign. and a park light in/out. :whisper: 94

WOW! that picture helps me out a lot. Thanks again man.