Gauge shows overheating, but engine not hot

my gauge is showing that the car is overheating, it flucuates alot from the top red to the middle temperture mark. when i pop the hood the engines doesnt seem to be running hot or anything, seems normal, anybody knows whats going on?

i think the water temp sensor is busted, im going to switch it out tommorow. or is there any way of testing it?

You may have an air pocket where the coolant temp sensor is located. That could explain the fluctuation in temperature.

It can be the wire that runs to the temp gauge may have a short or your ECTS can be messed up

i juss figured it out…
my coolant leaked a ton, but im still trying to figure out from where…
cause 1 day it was full and the next i had to put like a gallon of coolant

i had a leak from the TB hoses those bastards.
it would only leak with the car on (so much pressure im guessing)
so i guess it would be better to look for them with the engine on ( easier to find ) just be careful and don’t get it on anything…
gl to you

It sounds dumb but you might also want to check your drain plug. It might be loose.

testing thermostat

just put your thermostat in boiling water. It should open up if it’s working properly.