Got a 91 ready to put in some money need help!!!

Alright so i got this 5 speed 91 LS with 123k miles i want to get a new engine but i dont even know where to start the reason i want a new engine is mine is around 100 hp or so i think i want one around 180-200 hp and one with less miles with plans to add a turbo and all that good stuf what kind of engines are good where should i look

ps i am looking to spend around 3k or less if posible or am i crazy

A rebuild of your stock engine and staying NA would get you kinda close…

A rebuild and a turbo, you could have over your goal, but the price may be a little high

Or swap in a gsr, itr, or B20 and work off of those platforms.

Also, do a search.

thanks i think i will try to get a gsr engine that has less miles than mine then hit that up with a turbo thanks agian

U are going to be spending over 3 k without a doubt.

U need to def do some research before u start spending ur hard earned cash on other peoples opinions.

if you want just an engine with 180-200 hp look to spend like 4-5g just on that… turbo… 2g + then installation for everything… and ur engine has 140 hp :slight_smile: not 100… search the site, it has a lot of resources and information about your teg, dont jump the gun and ask questinos without trying to search yourself you will get flamed for it, welcome to the integra family!

Acutally if the engine is in good shape it has 130 CHP…

90-91 - 130, OBD0
92-93 - 140, OBD1

The main differences other than OBD’s was, the cams, IM, and Exhuast manifolds…

forgot what year his was :slight_smile: I have a 93 so thats why I put 140 but I know the diff :smiley:

Sorry to thread jack but quick Q. Other than those differances are there any? I just wonder because hypothetically(sp) if a 91 and a 92 both had aftermarket cams, IM, and header, same brands etc, would they make the same power?

Well if the whole story about a 92-93 engine being stronger only through cams, IM and EM in true. Then the same aftermarket cams, IM and EM in either engine should end up in the same horsepower range.

Secondly, Honda says that the 90-91 puts out 130hp and the 92-93 puts out 140hp. But you have to remember these engines are at most 14 to 15 years old, so you have to consider wear and tear on the engines internals. So you can calculate some loss in hp through time.