got half my brakes on :-(

ok i could only put my pads on today, tried to change the rotors but couldnt, anyone know a place or someone who can change my rotors for me, how much? please get back me asap

If you had the tools/skills/time to do the pads the rotors should be no problem…let me guess is one of the little retaining screws impossible to get out? If that’s the case just drill it out and forget about them.

yes it was those screws

heat and/or some penetrating fluid may help… However if they’re on there really good then get yourself an impact screwdriver. They cost $25-$30 at sears. Put it in place, hit it w/ a hammer a couple times, and wala, those suckers will be loose.

i have an impact screw driver if you need help man. im in west covina

:werd: impact driver, i just bought one for the same job of pads and rotors on the wife’s 4dr.

impact screw driver. or jsut take a flat head screw driver. put it agianest one of the legs on the “+” and hit it. it will break it loose with ease. replcae with new screw…

you wanna email on details if u can help me my email is ? cuz i really need to do this and i just quit my job in west covina so i know how to get there :-*

ygm matt

yo answer my other email, im ready to come down whenever u say ur ready