Got My DA.

1993 Arcadia Blue Gs coupe. 150k, california car (no rust). Got from family friend who is in fact a Honda-tech. Just Did the water pump, timing belt, head gasket, and all fluids and belts replaced. All power, Dc2 interior, momo shiftknob <----LOL everything on her is stock. except for the lowering springs. I should have pics in a bit, i want to clean her up though haha. :slight_smile:

Welcome to g2ic!

Good luck with your car and hope you love it like we all here love are da’s.:rockon:

I have to say, this thing handles like a champ…

you get a :cookie:

Pics or it didnt happen:)

Congratulations on the Teg. They are the most addictive cars I have ever known. Do you have any plans for her?

:rockon:[QUOTE=BLKACK1;2085087]Pics or it didnt happen:)[/QUOTE]

your supposed to post pictures to set it off.