Greddy header carb # question

Hey guys, I recently bought a greddy header from an eBay seller. It is brand new in all original greddy box and packaging. It is made for 92-93 ls/rs/gs so fitment shouldn’t be an issue. My question is, should it have a carb # stamped below the greddy logo on the plate thats tack welded to the header? The seller claims its carb legal and all I need to have is the executive order from the ARB (air resources board) as proof of its legality to present to law enforcement, smog station, etc. but I have the same exact header for a d series vtec (both are carb # EO D-397-8 just made for different engines) and the carb # is right below the greddy logo on that header. I’m at a total loss here. I can’t seem to find any solid information stating one way or the other how it should be. If anyone has this header, or any experience with it, I would love some insight. Thanks! Below are pictures of the two headers.

92-93 Integra header

96-00 civic sohc vtec

Both together just for kicks

If it is carb legal it will have the number plainly visible.

No number, not legal.

At least, that’s how officers and (most) emissions places will treat it.

Thats exactly what I thought. However I can’t find any information to prove to the seller they’re illegal except the lack of carb eo#. The CARB lists the header as being exempt but I don’t feel thats enough proof to keep me from getting harassed about it. Either way the seller isn’t cooperating with me so it looks like I’ll be filing a dispute to try to get my money back. I just don’t understand why greddy wouldn’t stamp the CARB # if they were granted the exemption. Thanks for the insight unified!

Why not just stamp the number on the tag? Problem solved.

I wish it were that easy. I’d never be able to do it by hand and make it look like it was done in a factory.

Take the one off the d-series and place it on the b-series

Un-tack welding it and re-tack welding it without being obvious would be quite a task.

Could drill them out, but that as well seems doubtful.

I thought about that but then I’m about $600 into having the header I want instead of the $330 I was willing to spend. The seller lied and claimed it was carb legal so really I just want my money back. It’s just a pain in the ass going through the PayPal dispute. I’m confident I could swap them but I don’t want to since the only reason I bought it was that it was carb legal. For $600 I could get a way better header performancewise. What I don’t understand is why the CARB lists a header legal for the 92-93 Integra but this one isn’t stamped. I’m guessing greddy made more than one model for that year and the one I have is not the one the seller claims it is. The packaging says it is the SP model. Does anybody else have a greddy, either this model or another, that has the CARB #? Or even one that doesn’t have it but is specific for 92-93 integra?

As far as I was aware… a big tell-tale sign is outlet size. No 2.5" outlet is CARB legal.

I could be wrong, of course.

Its a 2" or 2 1/4", I can’t remember which.

Ok, amazingly right after posting my last comment the seller called me on my cell phone. He said he spent the morning on the phone with greddy and they will be mailing me certification directly to my house. He said it should be either in the form of the plate to tack weld or a sticker to put under the hood. I was shocked because he didn’t seem to be cooperating at all. He said greddy told him the only way that it could have happened was that it was imported from Japan and missed the tagging procedure. I’ll let you guys no what happens!

Received my sticker from greddy today. It’s a metallic sticker. I’d much rather have the metal tag welded onto it but at least now I have my certification that its legal. I just can’t ever sell it…