GSR w/LS 5th?

I searched, but mostly came up with S1 answers. I hate my long gears, particularly 3rd. Does anyone have GSR tranny with an LS 5th gear? i dont care about revving in the city, but long highway drives are annoying at 4500rpm, so i want to get my ridiculusly long LS 5th in there. Any opinions? Any regrets? Pretty sure i saw this posted SOMEWHERE, but i couldnt find it. BTW its a 93 :bowdown:

i can’t think right off hand of someone with the ls 5th in their gsr ys1. but Dan i believe has a G3 gsr 5th in his gsr ys1.

the gear fits in perfectly, as long as its from a 92+ tranny.

I recently put a gsr ys1 in my car, originally i had been planning an ls 5th, but then i found out the 5th from my A1 wouldn’t work. After driving the ys1 around for awhile i’m not sure if i want to go as tall as the G2 LS 5th. here is a graph that dan made up: 5th Gear Comparison Its really helpful in figuring out what gear would best suit what you want. I’m beginning to think that a G2 LS 5th might be a little too tall still, seems like the gap in between 4th and 5th would be too big. The stock 5th gear is so short i find myself using it around town sometimes! and if i got an ls 5th i’d either have to be boggin in 5th or reving a little high in 4th for those instances…so i still haven’t figured it out yet.

I had a LS 5th gear in my 93 GSR YS1 trans. It’s great for highway cruising but you’ll fall out of VTEC everytime you shift into 5th even if you redline 4th. It was great for gas mileage and nice quiet cruising on the freeway but a bit too much of a drop in the revs from 4th to 5th. I would suggest going with the G3 GSR 5th gear. I believe that would of been a better compromise between easy freeway cruising and 5th gear bursts. Ask G2Guru. He’s tried the 5th in his GSR trans and soon switched to a G3 GSR 5th. HTHs.

thing is, im not going to be LS/VTEC or anything like that. im on the process of becoming an all motor monster. Im not worried about 5th being too tall around town, as i usually cruise in 5th @ 40mph anyway, and have no trouble passing people. I just really want to get my 3rd gear faster. 1st is amazing, 2 can still throw me back, but third…well…its fast, i guess…just not like i want.

I’ve got an LS 5th gear in my GSR YS1…(only because the tranny shop F’ed up when they ordered my gears they put ls, 3, 4, 5 and reverse in) Any ways the 5th gear is super long compared to my GSR 5th…and 100km/h I’m only reving at just under 3000 rpms…but once i get my GSR 4th I can already tell its going to be quite a distance from 4th to 5th…but I think I’m going to keep it because i do alot of highway driving and think it would benefit me…You should be fine you’re building a B18


I’m currently wanting to do the same as you. I have been trying to find a VERY RARE YS1 tranny for quite awhile. But I’m building my all motor non-vtec b20 monster and having gears 1-4 will benefit me on the track (autocross and strip) and the LS 5th will definately help me gas mileage wise with all the highway driving I do.

Only thing is, I want to put a hydro LS 5th gear in the tranny (its even longer than the g2 ls 5th) because then I will have even better mileage. I really don’t care about the jump from 4th to 5th gear since its nonvtec, but do care about my gas mileage.

As well as doing the GSR tranny with 5th gear, I will be increasing my redline with the PYR program. Its redline is 8500, which is WAAY more than I want, but good. Check out my sig and there is a “Find out your tranny gearing” I already have it setup to show the MPH at certain RPMS using the g2 YS1 1-4 gears and the 94+ s80/y80 LS 5th gear. I wanted to be at about 3500 RPM doing 80MPH compared to the 4000K RPM and doing 80 that I have now with my g2 LS tranny.

Only thing, like others have mentioned, you will need a 92+ LS 5th gear to work in the YS1 tranny. Someone on the board has put a A1/S1 LS 5th Gear in a Y1 tranny and it worked fine too. The y1 has a Final drive of 4.200.

edit: Whoops, nope just looked at the link and that is setup for a y1 tranny with the 94 ls 5th gear in it. The gearing for the ys1 is:
1 - 3.307
2 - 2.105
3 - 1.458
4 - 1.107
5 - 0.880

The LS 5th Gear is - 0.742
Final drive is 4.400

You’ll need to put those numbers in to see what it comes out to be

I have the LS 5th in my GSR YS1 and at first I hated it, but I’m learning to deal with it. Around town at 50MPH I have to compromise between revving high in 4th or bogging down in 5th. If I had it to do over again I’d deffinately go with the G3 GSR 5th.

hey so i have a question…does the G2 GS model have a ys1 too?..i have a 92 but its an LS engine. Jus sumthing i never found out and keep forgettin to ask about.

Originally posted by BAD2GenTEG
hey so i have a question…does the G2 GS model have a ys1 too?..i have a 92 but its an LS engine. Jus sumthing i never found out and keep forgettin to ask about.

all 92-93 tegs have a “ys1” tranny. however there are 2 versions. there is the rs/ls/gs version, and then there is a the gsr version. the rs/ls/gs ys1’s are exactly the same. the gsr ys1 uses the same casing and what not…but the gearing is different. the gsr gearing is shorter. honda used shorter gears on the gsr because in general shorter gears are more “sporty” and because the shorter gears better suit vtec motors.

Got it …thanx for the help:read: :clap: