h&r race w/ 195/60/15's--need advice picking tire...

anyone running this combo? i need tires, and that size is cheaper than the 195/55/15 stocks. i’m concerned about rubbing issues. i was looking at a cooper all season and the falken 512’s (in 205/50/15). i need a good wearing/handling tire for my ls meshies. needs to be good in all types of weather i.e rain ,snow,dry etc. as always, not a lot of money to spend and the 512’s would run me about $40 more.

HELP, pics advice needed.


15" is a good sized wheel. I eventually want to get a set of 15x8" wheels.
In terms of tires, I had some pretty good experience with the Perrelli PZero Nero M+S. (In 205/45/16)
IMO, no one tire fits all condition. For the dry summer, get Potenza S0-3’s, and for other conditions, run stock steelies, with mid-performance level tires with high tread-life.


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my car rubbed with 195-60-15’s at this height. my 205-50-15 azenis do not rub. definetely go with a 50 series tire if you can.

I can’t answer you tire size question, but I can add that I loved my Yokohoma A550H tires (new version is the H4). The are decent on dry pavement, excellent in snow and rain.