H4 Hid Kits


So I installed my JDM One Pieces a few months ago. But I didnt use the stock H4H harness. I bought the H4 Harness from Autozone and used them for my one pieces.

Since there are HID kits available for the H4s, can i just get them and retrofit it into my one pieces?

just to let you know…h4h socket is jdm…that is what is in the one pieces. H4 is usdm which is in 92-95 civics… however the HARNESS itself is the same… too clear it up for you…stock 90-93 integra usdm harness is 9004. totally differnt some h4 and h4h… :clap:

so are the 3 pins at the back of the h4h used for the the same functions as the 9004? so can i match them with a home-made harness?


jdm h4h

connector pins

jdm h4h

so what i need to know is if the pins do the same thing?

NM they do the same things.