hardwiring ac to dc power converter

anyone done it? i have a 2 outlet ac to dc power converter, and i need it in my car… the wires that come out of the actual converter can be unscrewed, and replace with whatever wires i need…

do i run power directly from the battery, to the converter?

im guessing it will not be using the power from a small fused source, im guessing it will not be able to carry the current…


(my cig. lighter doesnt work, wiring for it isnt there)

I’ve got one in my truck, but not sure how they installed it. I think it’s direct to battery. Not sure if there is an inline switch (in case the unit does not have a switch), or and inline fuse (I think the units themselves are fused). You might wanna check with a stereo shop and ask how they install them.

You can connect it to the acc. free pin on your fuse box, the ground can go to one of the dash ground stud/bolts around the fuse box, if you scroll down on this tread, http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101440 you can see the free pins, there you will find a 12V+ constant, a 12V+ acc., a 12V+ 2nd ign. and a park light in/output. :idea: 94

and that little wire that can plug into there would be safe enough to carry current for a laptop?

Does your inverter have an on/off switch? If your gonna run a laptop, I’d wire the inverter to the battery with like 8 or 4 gauge. Depending on what the inverter will take. Mine takes 4 gauge. If it doesn’t have a switch on it I’d wire one in. Also find out if it’s fused, if not, wire one it or a circut breaker. Also you know you gotta have your car on when using it, or your battery will be dead in a few minutes.

How many watts is the inverter? Depending on home much current draw it has will depend on how it should be wired. As a general rule if it currently has a cigarette lighter plug on the end it will draw less than 10amps and your options open up quite a bit. There are many inverters however that draw MUCH more than this so it is best to plan this ahead of time.