Has anyone cut their strut towers some for susp. clearence?

who has done this, i really would like to see pics, i hope who ever has done it, the control arm never hits the hood, i know Shea did but i havnt seen pics yet



Do a search for “WCM” and look for picture links. I remember seeing Shea’s car with a picture of it.

thanks elemnt!:slight_smile:

elemnt, man theres like 95 diff pic threads under wcm, haah can u narrow it?


this should narrow it down enough for ya. here is my album of pics i took at the wcm, the pic of shea’s strut tower is in it, just look around.

hope that helps.

i did a diff search, i got it thanks

Back from the dead…
Have you ran into any problems when you did this, Id like to hear your 2cents. This weekend i might be doing this also