head light bulbs expiring prematurely

I have a 1990 Acura GS INTEGRA. I have a the problem with my head light bulb expiring prematurely. It seem around every 4 to 5 months I am changing my head lights bulbs. I have heard all the 1990 INTEGRAS have this problem. So to solve the problem ACURA increase the warranty for the light to five years. But it seems the problem was never fix. Or was it? I would like to know if you all have the same problem. If you do how do you fix it or did you ever fix it? :argh: :argh:

this definately isnt in the right forum. But I never blew one bulb in my 90 GS when I had it.

replaced my shock/spring assembly :-p wierd huh?
after that no more blown headlight bulbs after every 5mos :slight_smile:
maybe put this thread in help?


i have a 91 RS and i changed out my perfectly good factory headlights for some hyperwhite bulbs, 3 months later my left headlight went out and my right bright light went out, and i have replaced my left headlight only about 4-5 times because it will only work for about a month :mad: . i have no money to get that fixed because i just got a new tranny put in with a stage 2 clutch, but i have been driving around for about a year now with no headlight, i keep my fogs on at night, i think that is why i have not been pulled over yet. anyone else have this problem?