heater hose with no where to go (pic)

i swapped a b16a into my car and when i was hooking everything back up, the thing (i think they are called nipples?) that the heater inlet hose is supposed to go into is plugged (as in it is not there, and there is nowhere for the hose to go). i’m trying to swap it with the old one from my other motor, but can’t get it off. has anyone ever had this problem or know a way to get the thing out? i need to figure this out soon as i am tired of my car sitting in the driveway all the time :frowning:

here’s a pic, if it helps any:

*red: heater inlet hose
*blue: the plug, where a nipple (?) is supposed to be for the hose to hook up to

Not sure if these are exactly what you need, since I’m coming over from the domestic side, but, I’m pretty sure you could use these. Or you could get a similar one from your local auto parts shop.


Just order one from the dealership, it’s not that expensive.

p/n 19500-PE0-000
$6.62 + individual dealer markup
$4.97 from Acuraautomotiveparts.org

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen aftermarket versions as well, hell you might be able to find one at an autoparts store. Searching online and ordering one is probably gonna take a long time. Local autoparts store might have one but if they do it’ll probably be the wrong size. Quick call to the local dealer and they can order it for you and should be able to have it in a couple days.

Or just get the old one off. Maybe try some penetrating lube, a breaker bar and maybe some heat. I recently removed some nipples (the press in type, not the screw in type) from my intake manifold it and it was a very difficult process for some of them. Most of the time I ended up heating the piece with a huge torch and then wrenching on the part w/ vice grips. Then repeating that process multiple times because the part would only come out a small amount before the piece cooled down again.

wow i didn’t even think of getting another one :bang: i think i’ll do that since i’m gonna need the old one for my other motor (which i’ll be rebuilding) thanks guys! the plug is gonna be a bitch to take off, but i’ll try heating it up and all

Put some penetrating lube on there and let it sit for awhile. Then grab a huge breaker bar… shouldn’t be too bad.

i’ll do that and let ya know how it goes

i got the part from honda today. they didn’t mark up my price so it was like $7 with tax. i didn’t get a chance to get the plug out and put it on though