help!! climate control only works on the 3rd dot

bought my car like that, the air only blows on the third dial and no other one?? anyone have input??

Your going to have to pull the blower motor out from under the pass side of the dash There are 4 little brushes or prongs or something like that I forget, but 1,2,and 4 are possibly blown out and need to be changed. It happened to me but only 3 and 4 worked until I found out about how to change them.

first try to pull the knob and see if someone took it off and moved it…happined to me…but depends on if it turns and stops where it is supposta…

Cubanlynx is right, happened to me too, i had to change the blower motor. Good luck, its an expensive part.

Also, check if you have a leak coming from your hood. My blower motor went out cause of the leak i had, water got into it.

if you dont know what im talking about, this link shows exactly where the leak was, and the water that leaks in there gets to the blower motor and fries it.

later- Mike

could possibly be the resistor switch, seems that might be the most likely since your motor is still turning at one speed, before you go and remove the whole blower assembly(which is kinda a pain in the ass) take your glove box out and check to see if your resistor switch is bad, its the thing screwwed into the top of the blower box assembly with a wired connecter coming out of it, basically its just 4 separate wires with different resistance that allow more or less current to turn the motor at different speeds, if 1,2,4 wires are broken that would give the same results you have, if that doesn’t help it, they are probably right with assuming the whole motor. In my case I had both a bad resistor switch and bad brushes, mine were actually rusted due to the infamous passenger side footwell leak from the blower cowl cover.

yea my car leaks water also i hope its just a minor fix like yours and i dont have to replace the motor…