help innovative cable to hydro

hey guys, I’m needing some help with where you mount the innovative cable to hydro actuator set up. I’ve got a b20 vtec block and an ITR transmission. Pictures would be great, please keep it limited to 90-93 integras. Pictures can be sent to thanks in advance G2IC!

“Designed for B Series engines with a hydraulic transmission. The actuator will convert from cable to a hydraulic transmission. 100% bolt in, no modifications required. Actuator mounts in front of the release fork. There is no binding or premature clutch/transmission wear. CAD/CAM Designed. Stress Analyzed. Lifetime warranty.”

Are there really that many places where it will just bolt right up?

Here is a picture of a modified Hasport mount, I don’t think it would be much different for the inovative one. Obviously it doesn’t matter what car it is in (despite your request for DA only…)

EDIT: I see there are two versions and perhaps you are talking about the other one. My guess is that it will mount “directly on to lower front radiator support in front of the radiator” where your clutch cable can still reach it with proper tension and the hydro line that came with the kit can reach the slave cylinder.

ive got this done. ill post pics tomorrow when its light out.