Help oil light stays on

i was driving to work yesterday morning, and got a flat tire on the way, so i had to drive atleast about 200 Ft to get it off the road so i can repair it. (my car is slammed not to mention). all of a sudden after i fixed the flat i drove it to work. after work i drove home every thing was fine, about a mile or so down the street from my house, i noticed my oil light came on. every thing checked out good i got oil in there. i recently did a oil change last week. i checked the plug on the back of the motor by the oil filter thats plugged in, how can i tell if im giving the right amount of oil pressure?


i have a 99 jdm LS with less than 40 k

thanks in advance

? any one please

take it to a shop and get it checked or u can get a oil/transmission pressure guage and remove the oil sending unit and thread the guage in there…should be 50 psi at 3000 rpms

where can i get that at? can you show me a pic of how it look like? if not ill find out by tomorrow thanks

it’s possible that the oil pickup could be clogging, if the oil had been really dirty before the change it’s possible that it could have sludge build up

well before the oil change i think it was alright wasnt to dirty…every thing was fine really until i pop my tire…ima see what the pressure thing does today

almost the same thing happened to me… except the oil light flashed on and the engine spun a bearing. the oil pump took a dump on me.

the oil light is only suppose to come on if you have less then 5 psi or so. testing the oil pump for pressure is pretty much a waste of time.

drop the pan, check the pick up. if everything is good, swap the oil pump and clean the pick up. check the spots where you can and clean the oiling passages.

cross your fingers that its not too late, as it was for me.

mine is going through the same thing. i replaced the pump with a vtec pump, pick up was clean, and still light. short time after i developed a knock so its probably the bearings :frowning: but it stills runs and is strong haha. my knocking goes away after it warms up

so far it still drives good and what not no sound, im just waitin on whatever to happen cause i got myself a complete jdm gsr so its whatever im good for now