Help with coilovers

i just got some red arospeed coilovers…n dunno how to install ;em…
i went to this place n they charging me almost 3x what i paid,.,just 2 install em…sucks…can n e one show me step by step…???
or n e 1 in the sout central los angeles area know bout a shop where can do it…let me know

you need a spring compressor, if you go to harbourfreight they have cheap ones. it’ll work for a once in a while use type though. search online for a manual, or autozone has free ones i think online. fuck it, here is a link just use the links on the right hand side to navigate. everything you need to know.

Just go to it’ll help alot

my dad said he’ll do it for $80 if you’re willing, and he said the price will go down depending on what type of alcohal you bring, lol.

it really isn’t that hard if you are somewhat mechanically inclined. have you ever worked on your brakes or your suspension before? me and a friend put my coilovers on with manual tools in about 3-4 hours our first time. now with air tools and having done it a couple of times it only took me about an hour to take it off my old teg. you will need a set of socket wrenches, and a shock compressor that i got from pep boys for like 10 - 15 dollars, and a jack and stands. get a freind to help shouldn’t take that long.