Help with LS/Vtec...

Ok guys, I know this topic has been discussed many o’ times, but I am in need of some serious help… Im going to try to get a loan out to build my motor and I want to go LS/Vtec. I have a limited budget of around $2500. Can you guys tell me if this is reliable enough for a daily driver/racer and let me know what else I will need for RELIABILITY…
95-95 GSR head - stock for now
ITR pistons
shotpeened rods - (someone fill me in on this)
ARP bolts - (someone fill me in on these)
balanced crank
skunk 2 intake manifold
new timing belt
Will my current DC 4-2-1 header fit the GSR head??
What distributer and computer?
That’s all i can think of for now.
PLEASE let me know of ANYTHING else i need or do not need.
remember my budget… :frowning:
Thanks guys!!

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"shotpeened rods - (someone fill me in on this) "

Shotpeening is something like sandblasting, but with steel shot. It compresses the metal to make it stronger then stock.

"ARP bolts - (someone fill me in on these) "

ARP bolts, in the rods, help hold them together better then the stock bolts.
ARP head studs replace the stock head bolts with a stronger stud to allow you to torque the head down more evenly with a more reliable grip.