Help With My Bogging B16a!!!

My car just seems like it wants to choke at low RPM. I know a lot of you guys will say weak first gen cams are the reason, bla bla bla. I don’t think thats it tho. When it bogs, I can give it a little gas and it will kick back into normal conditions again. Its weird. I actually though of tightening my throttle cable, sinse the response was pretty brutal. That helped a little but not much. Another thing is, my motor is basically stock, just wires and intake. I have exhaust but thats it. The weirdest thing is that my VTEC does kick in at 4800RPM!! It is supposed to be a stock PR3, but why does the VTEC engage so early? So my only guess left now, is that whoever had the motor before me in Japan, had a Mugen or some other company’s chip put into it, therefore changing the fuel and ignition curves, etc. My car pulls like crazy after VTEC, but is dead before hand. Please help me out…any info would be much appreciated.

i know that the new b16’s in the new si’s the v-tec x-over is at 4800…are you sure that the JDM 1st gen. kick in later…just wondering…why don’t you check out the ECU and see if it is stock or chipped or whatever…just a thought…