help with taking rear suspension out

i took the 2 bolts off at the top the bolt at the bottom of the springs/shock and i unbolted the LCA shouldnt it slide out :think:

where did you unbolt the lca from? the chassis or the trailing arm?

I usually keep the lca attached (just unbolt it from the shock) and instead unbolt the uca from the chassis. Then just step down on the trailing arm assembly, it moves down enough to pull the assembly out.

If your lca is now disconnected you need to swing it down. Push the shock all the way to where it seats, now push the lca down enough where you can get the shock either off of the lca or down low enough to pull the top out completely, followed by the bottom. You may need some extra hands, or may need to disconnect the sway bar to get it to move more/easier.

you shouldn’t have to disconnect either of the control arms from the body to remove the shock.
Just unbolt the bottom of the shock from the LCA. Have the 2 bolts on the top out. Push up as far as you can. Either have someone else do it or figure out how to push down on the rear brake disc/hub assembly and you should be able to kick out the bottom of the shock…then it should slide out of the top and your done.

hehe, should and do, are two different things, lol. Although, maybe my sway bar has something to do with it. And now that I think of it…i’m usually disconnecting the uca anyway to set my camber. So yeah, definitely try it w/o unbolting the uca or lca, but if that doesn’t work for ya…