holes and gunk

Okay, so i was washing my g2 and the S came off the RS. I then decided to debadge it entirely. I got all the glue off the hatch with that “oops! remover” stuff, but i still have the outline of the ACURA on the paint. Is there anyway to get that outline off? and what do I do about the holes left from the badges? i know its a stupid question, but I just need a little help. Thanks.

use Goo gone that shit worx…

yeah thats basically what i used to get the glue off, but i still have this outline of the acura on the paint. and its not from paint discoloration…

You’ve got the black outline of it, right? Just keep rubbing and rubbing it with an adhesive or tar remover. Takes a lot of elbow grease.


to get rid of the holes, either bondo it or spot weld them and grind it down. You’ll have to repaint the area after doing so.

yeah i figured bondo.

As a temp fix for the holes, go get some rope caulk from Home Depot. You can
seal the holes with just a small amount of the caulk, and water won’t get in. It
looks like shit, but then again, so does a rusted out trunk/hatch. Just
remember when you go to paint or bondo, wipe the sticky stuff from the caulk
off. I have done this many times to emblems on other cars that were waiting to
be painted, but had to be driven, or sat outside because of other projects.