How do I get my interior out?

I want to paint certain parts of the dash like alot of our cars do but I can figure out how to do it…I checked the teg tips but it doesnt tell me… please help thanks alot rob

The entire interior or??? List the parts you want to take out and maybe we can help you from there. For instance:

Door Handle Cover: 1 screw right behind the door handle.

That little scoopy thing that everyone pulls on when closing the doors, 1 screw dead center at the bottom of the scoop thingy.

The long dash trim that goes around your climate controls and guages, quite a few hidden screws…

I need to know where those hidden screws are and I want to do the little switches for my power locks and power windows thanks also my interior like fabric keeps coming off the doors can I taKE IT OFF SAND IT DOWN AND PAINT THE PLASTIC?


I am having the same problem with that fabric on the doors. Does it look good pulled off and sanded?

Same prob with the fabric here too. But 3m spray adhesive should work for that.