how do i rewire and relocate my horn?

where can i locate the wires i need to relocate my horn? im tryin to run a button elsewhere since my hub is jacked up…no horn…

have you tried this?

well for one my kit is ghetto and its not like that. two the wire just broke off the other day so an attempt for the pin trick wont do me good…i was gonna open up the shell and locate the wires needed for the horn and wire it to a custom button…can anyone tell me what wires im looking for?

Find the horn wire, [blue/red] in the steering wheel wire harness, if you ground that wire the horn will sound, just hook that wire to a SPST momentary switch/button, if you want to use a small switch, [low amprage] you will need a relay as the horn wire needs a good ground, [true ground] or just get a switch/button that can handle 10A. :idea:94

thanx a lot man! I just went and found that red/blue wire and cut it without knowing 100% whether it was gonna work or not. But i rerouted the wire with extention to another wire and a button. And now i got a horn button where the side coin holder tray use to be! woo hoo.