How to get the window roller off.

After breaking various bits and pieces of car interiors I’ve decided to be much more careful when playing around inside the car.

I’ve finally decided to have at that damned whistling window on the passengers side, with help from the Teg Tips - Window Frame Fix.

However, i’m a bit skeptical about how to get off the window roller without killing it. What’s this U clip all about?



Sorry, I’ve got power windows, so I don’t know how to get the roller handle off, but the U-clips should be up at the top of the door panel. They support the panel.

Thanks for your help. I did manage to get the silly roller off. Patience…patience…can be fustrating :slight_smile:

Here’s the roller removed

I can see how to adjust the height, but I can’t find out how to adjust the thrust angle. If I could do that I think the door would be a lot quieter…

Full size image of door (big)



PS if the pics go bad, please mail me.