How to know if head gasket is bad?

Well I was under the car/hood today and I noticed yes a little oil from the drain plug but I expect that and I looked back and behind my wheels my car is dripping Anti freeze? it kinda confused me but then I looked near the Exhaust manifold and noticed that theres a green line that runs across the engine I know I need a new top radiator hose but if I gotta get a head gasket I might flip cuz I’m real poor. also I noticed my P.S. is leaking I was like wow do things get any worse but then I wonderred if it was just bleeding itself through the cap because it was wet and it blowing huge amounts at a time… Oh my what am i GONNA do with this P.O.S 4 dr 4 spd auto matic bad painted beast :frowning: I really planned on lowerring my car for my birthday but it looks as though I’ll be buying a new head gasket, Exhaust gasket and intake manifold gasket not to mention a few other parts…BTW what could be clicking in my engine its like bad by the back of the engine or maybe the intake manifold? geez its I80,000 are catching up to it maybe I should just save and drop a new motor/tranny in it :frowning: damn I really loved this car

if u see the coolant leaking on the crank pulley side then it could be ur water pump. had that problem before too.

are u blowing white smoke? the coolant could get in the combustion chamber and produce this white smoke.

that’s what happens with an old car or any car with an old age. if u really love the car, I say get it fixed to get u to and from work or better yet save up for a new engine.