how to take off the door panels?

I wanna install new speakers and put some dynomat all over my door… Can anyone tell me how to pull all the inside panels off? And what should probs should I expect… Is it hard to take the door handles off? and is the spring inside the handle tricky to disasemble?? I don’t wanT to NOT be able to put all of it back together… thanx

Taking the door off isnt that hard i did it myself. You dont even have to take the door handel off. First take out the screw behind the door handel and the plastic peice behind it, Then take unscrew and take out the little “cup” door handel, next look where the windou controles are there are 2 screws around there. I think this is all the screws… so just gently pull outward and upward on the frame and little clips will pop out and it will be free. Like i said, i did it by myself; and im only 15 so you wont have any problems. Good luck and I hope this helps!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks TEG007… I hope that dynomat won’t disappoint…