I have the Biggest POS DB2...HELP

TONS of problems. I want to fix this shit.

  1. after swapping the fields sfc for the apexi unit, and having 3 shops confirm the wiring as correct…my rev limit is NOW at 7,500 rpm instead of 8,100. Someone help me here.

  2. Replaced 2 o2 sensors in the past month, and now i am throwing a code 22 and a code 43. WTF! Bosch shit is gay…someone help me here…

  3. My exedy clutch engagment point has moved from the middle of the clutch to the very top… any way to ajust this? or is my 10,000 mile clutch already being a POS and going bad?

  4. HELP ME!!!

Please people, i am about to fucking sell my car because of allll the problems it has!

Thanks in advance.

  1. Have you tried a OEM unit? maybe that would help. Alos, check all of your fuses, that’s all I can think of. Good lucks, and don’t sell your DB2 they are rare and your problems could be worse…

Adjust your clutch cable - to adjust when the clutch engages. Its normal for a clutch to slowly dissintegrate. (sp?). So you need to adjust the cable some. You can do it by hand. I’m trying to remember this off the top of my head. Look at where your battery is from the front of the car. Now to the right of that 6 inches, and back 6 inches… you’ll see the clutch cable. There is a rubber adjustment nut, which is threaded on on the cable. I forget if you should go left or right, but crank it, and then go back in your car and check and see if its better or worse. I hope that helps. If you need more help, I’ll take a picture of the clutch cable.