I need some Pics of taking the engine out!!!! PLEASE HELP ANYONE FROM SAC!!!!!

Im just about to have my car towed to a couple different places to get some estimates. i am going to ull my stock engine out to take it, and i was hoping someone could post me some pics,and about how long it will take and whats the most important things to do?? please help me out yall i have to do this soon so quick response would be cool thanks alot!

I just took out a motor this past weekend. Took me 3 hours to do by myself, but I’ve done quite a few. If you have never done one before, as long as you have the proper tools and a Helms manual, allot yourself a good day to get it done. It’s also a lot easier if you have friends help. For pictures, go to my imagestation account. http://www.imagestation.com/members/G2guru