I think i shorted my fog lights??

Well I was messing around with some wiring today, and I had my fog lights turned on, and the wires for them bare… Anyways… I accidentally shorted them… So i checked the fuse inside the car, and it was okay… I replaced it anyways… But they still dont work. I checked them and i’m getting no power to the wires now.

Is there another fuse or relay that im not aware of? I did hear a snap / click when this happened…


But check all your other fuses just to be sure…sometimes, other random fuses in line will blow…

The fog light fuse should be a 10 A fuse, #19. Make sure thats the one you checked. Also check the under hood fuse block.

There is a relay between the power and the light so it’s possible but not likely that you damaged that also. Just check ALL the fuses then teh relay. If all thats good then the last possibility is that you fryed a wire somewhere along the line.