if anyone could tell me the exact weighs of the gs,ls,gsr,ls-s thanks in advance!

as the title says… :hmm:

specifications doesnt show them

omg this ranks right up there with all the rest of your posts.

nobody bother with this guy…he’s another radzer0 or IamThe0ne. :down:

why don’t you buy one of each and drive to the nearest weigh station?

what the hell do fuck you should be ban im just asking an question and you want to be a bitch about and tell eveyone not to talk to me people like you make the world suck :down:

Armmed Ferret has a point. You could try searching.

holy shit i have!

“different weights” yielded 107 threads.


ok out of 107 of those none or maybe one or two or what i am actaully looking for! :whip:

well if they have the information you seek (as you said, they have what you am actaully looking for! whip!) then what’s the point of this thread?

out of 107 none of the were about the car weights and then i looked in cars weight and etc if you now can you plz post

im not the gay one posting the :gay: pics

maybe you should look in specifications again dumbass.

Curb Weight
3-door 4-door
5-speed 2560 lbs. (1161 Kg) 2606 lbs. (1182 Kg)
Automatic 2615 lbs. (1186 Kg) 2661 lbs. (1207 Kg)

true…you’re the idiot posting worthless threads that serve no true purpose on this site other than to illustrate what an idiot you are and what a lack of a grasp on the english language you have

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insane how that works, isn’t it? :wink:

damn, you guys are harsh!

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i’ll do my best, but jean’s got a migraine so i can’t make guarantees. :frowning:

Alright kiddies, time for this thread to go away…

I agree though, stupid people do have a tendency to post stupid questions.