I'm torn between 2 setups...

I’m torn between 2 setups…

  1. Tokico Illumina shocks + Tein H-Tech springs
  2. Skunk2 PRO-S Coilovers (full with shocks)

My situation:

It’s my daily driver and might turn into my winter car if money is tight. I heard coilovers can get pretty nasty in winter?

Price, it’s the same for both. I got quoted 599$ shipped for #1 and #2 came out to 640$. Although the #1 package I’m going to have to pay customs so it basically is the same price. What you think? Thanks!

with just springs, if you don’t like the drop on your specific car, you’re shit out of luck until you buy new springs.

with coilovers, you have the versatility of changing ride height (which will also come in handy if it ends up being your winter car too).

I was aware of that, thanks anyway, but the drop is going to be ideal no matter how low I drop it right now. I’m a freaking 4x4 :slight_smile: But I won’t have many troubles if I get the Pro-S’s? Looks like a solid choice.

Im going to get the s2.:rockon:

I vote S2’s

^ :clap: :clap:

i got skunks and love them not to rough of a ride either

Skunk2 PRO-C or Skunk2 PRO-S or Teins Damper Basic

Are the Full Dampers nessarry even if its just for street use, but want it for the
12 way “Adjustable Precision Valving”

I plan on getting Skunk2 in the future for my suspension setup. And I heard that the full coilover when lower even 3-4 inches you dont bottom out or something?

Reason I say this is also becoz someone has teins coilover from a DC in his DA and he is slammed with no gaps and he said it doesnt bottom at all, but it is stiff and it last twice as long?

I will have at least $800-900 to spend on such a setup later on like i said
either $640 s2 or $750 teins, but add $100 more for pillowball mounts?

Skunk2 PRO-C

Large Diameter Mono Tube Design
12-way Adjustable Precision Valving
Shortened Shock Body and Stroke
Adjustable Shock Length
Adjustable Spring Preload
Adjustable Ride Height
SAE9254V Racing Springs
Forged Upper Mounts

Skunk2 PRO-S

Dual Tube Design
Non-Adjustable Precision Valving
Shortened Shock Body and Stroke
Adjustable Ride Height
One-Piece Machined Bodies
Uses Factory Upper Mount
Some Kits include Forged Mounts
SAE9254V Racing Springs

TEIN Type BASIC damper is for the driver that is seeking high performance with a reasonable price. The Basic damper MSRP starts at $750.00, which includes 4 springs and 4 shocks. Compared to the “sleeve type” coil over, the Type Basic has a more exclusive set up for a better balance of suspension travel and damping force.


High performance and cost effective
Ride Height adjustable
New paint coating for rust prevention
Pillow ball mounts are optional (on certain applications)
Exclusive design for USA vehicle specifications
Available for overhaul

save a little more and go with the koni/gc… i’m 4x4n till then myself…

great let see save some more and buy the s2 then take my H&R sport springs with tokico illumina and sell them off for $200-250. after all i’d be looking at only $420 total what a deal lol. i know some dumbass on craigslist would probably take it. 9 months on tokicos

I know this thread’s hella old, and nobody will see this but here’s my $0.02

I got the Skunk2 Pro-S. And sold them 2 months later. True - they are very solid well-built units. I was torn about selling them or keeping them. Where I live roads are extra rough, every now-and-then you see foot-deep potholes, nasty washboard sections bla bla… On this stuff stock suspension is actually kinda nice.

The Pro-S (8k front/6k rear) although “soft” by racing standards felt too stiff for rough roads. Sounded like I was breaking s…t on my car at times.

But my biggest gripe with the Pro-S was that the front sits low, prolly about 3" lower than stock for starters. The highest I could get it still left no wheel gap at all. The rear however not too far from stock if you leave a little preload. So the front would smack the asphalt more often then I liked.

But if you like it low anyway and the roads you drive are smooth like a butter dripping off a toast and catching on fire, the pro-s are nice especially for the money.

oh yeah, instead of selling the s2 to a dumbass on craigslist I thought about using the tein pillowballs like RiccyLSR mentions, just on the front of the s2. Seemed to me the design would’ve lifted the front that 1 1/2" I wanted over the s2 upper mounts

I have the pro’s and have atleast a finger gap front and rear, and could still raise my car way higher, I believe skunk2 says somewhere either on the box, web, or instructions, its highest setting is like 1/2 inch lower that stock ride height, maybe you just didnt crank on them hard enough.

At first i planned to go Skunk2 also but i am hearing good things about F2’s and going to F2’s.

yeah I wondered if I had gotten the wrong struts on the front because seems like they might be same as the civic 92-95 or something… I asked skunk2 but they said no you got the right ones… The rears were high enough hardly had to preload at all I woulda kept those. But the fronts I had to preload about an inch to get enough height not to get punished by our country roads and speed bumps at the gas station.

Also I switched the 8k fronts for some longer 6k springs (tein standard springs) cause the stiffness gave me a mild concussion. those I preloaded inch and a 1/2. I was getting ready to move to Tein pillowballs and preload the s…t out of some 12" 4k springs that woulda prolly been nice :ohyeah:

what are F2s.

I’ve had both of those setups and the skunk 2 pro s rode like dog shit. The illuminas and s-techs had a better ride. I just upgraded to koni/ground control

I just upgraded to tokico ground control lol :rockon:

but I swapped the springs for softer tein standard springs. looks like the startsky and hutch car going around turns :cloud9:

Tokico Illumina, GC sleeves/Swift springs is what it’s all about

where do you get them Swift springs around here parts? I don’t think they stock them funny springs around here, son. Where is “thahood”? oh wait,… I know :getsome: