Infinity Reference 6012i

I was looking at buying these speakers, but after searching for a little bit it seems people have problems getting 6 1/2" speakers fitting properly. Does anyone have any idea whether these drop right in or not? I know sometimes you have to cut the plastic out which isn’t a huge issue, but crutchfield showed them as an easy fit item that doesn’t require any modification.

The Infinity REF6012i come with “Intermount III”, [mounting adapters], it will allow you to mount the speakers in the stock 6.5" speaker housings.:sipread:94

Sounds good thanks FCM! :salute:

Anyone know if these are decent? They are only $99 so I guess I can’t expect too much but it seems they are getting ok reviews.

yeah i have in my car and they sound really good, you’ll really notice the mids and highs of the speaker. then as the year progress i decided to upgrade to the infinity components, added with the whole car being dynamated and also the speaker being powered by the clean eclipse 4ch amp

I have these speakers and the sound great, 6.5" in all 4. No prob with the install ether.

did it make a difference when you dynamated the car? what parts of the car did you do? thanks for the help. I was considering doing the same.

definitely made a huge difference. i did the doors, floor, and the entire rear hatch area. Added hella weight but the results were worth it. You can really get the true potential out of these speakers. Thanks to my manager who help me and the great advice from FCM thanks dude!

these speakers are very good. I have them up front and they sound excellent.
look on ebay you can them brand new for around $70 shipped can’t beat that.

i have the same speakers, all four running a on a eclipse amp i had to make custom cut outs for the front. and had to sand the plastic for the rear . really easy but takes a long time.

I also have these speakers, sound great, i got them for $50 new on ebay :smiley: