Injector question about inlet/debris screen...

Hey guys!
I was just wondering if anyone else had been the runner up for the ass of the year award and dropped one of the top mounted injector screen/filters into the engine bay?? Is it imperative to run with these in place? I assume that 99.9997% of everything would be caught at the fuel filter but I wanted to be sure.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll try to explain myself. Closest to the fuel rail at the top of the injector, there’s a small inlet screen that looks like a miniature golf tee hollowed out. On #3, mine is gone forever. Until I can get one from the bone yards, I am thinking about running without it. Is there anything other than the worst case scenario of a jammed pintle and eventual replacement that I need to worry about? I assume the top ‘o’ ring makes the complete seal and the filter screen isn’t responsible for any kind of a ‘seal’.

BTW… I ran carb cleaner through the injector body, screen, and pintle… I hope I didn’t mess them up… All seals replaced…

Can anyone sympathize, relate or flame me for this??


aka neex.