Injectors and chipped ecu.....

I’ve been reading around and I was curious about injectors. I see that if you upgrade your injectors, you have to chip your ecu, or do some mapping right? Well I have one of those cheap ass ebay chipped ecu’s that claims to learn all of your mods (which so far it actually has)…but i was wondering, IF I were to upgrade injectors, do you think that it would adjust itself so it doesnt run too rich? Plus will 92+ prelude vtec injectors work? I’ve seen somewhere that they might but I can’t remember. Thanks for any help.:burnout:

The stock injector are good up to I think 400 HP and AVOID THOSE CHEAP EBAY CHIPS!!! like they got a social disease. Some of those chips will make your car run rich and you want to install bigger injectors? I know a guy who ran DSM 450cc injectors and a ebay chip. He had to pick up the pieces of his motor off the road when he blew a piston out of the oil pan. see thread:

What have you done to the car so far?

As far as engine mods,93 B18A1, AEM CAI, Header, 2.25" exhaust with test pipe. MSD 8.5mm wires, MSD Cap and rotor, MSD Blaster Coil, NGK Iridiums. The rest is a little bit of suspension and cosmetics. Not to mention the cheap ass ebay chipped ecu. It runs a little rich. Every once in a great while, it’ll flood my engine on first start after a long hot day. More than likely it’s that stupid chip but it could be something else. I was looking at trying to learn how to use stuff like Greddy E-manage etc. I’d love to be able to tweak just a little here and there. I have some jdm itr pistons that I was thinking about throwing in. I’m on the fence though, from either ls/vtec or try to build the ls to 160-170whp. I know it’s possible because of other ppls setups on, but originally i was going to go ls/vtec…I’m not sure now.:auto: