installed onepieces, pass. side headlight doesnt work, but highbeam does.. ack.

I just finished installing my jdm onepieces and was going through the ligh check process. Every light works properly except the passenger side headlight. When I turn on normal headlights, it doesn’t come on; highbeams, it does.

Other than the bulb being bad, what else could be the problem? I made the wiring pretty secure but figured I could check that.

Can someone point out to me which wire (top, left, or right) powers the normal headlight on this side, so I can check it’s connection?


BUMP…I have this same problem. I am going to try another bulb, but I dont think this is the problem…my guess it’s the 12-Volt supply or a grounding issue.

Lemme ask you, did you have problems with your previous stock headlights bulbs burning out after a month or so? :argh:

I checked my wiring against the JDM Wiring teg tip and Helms guide, and found that it was wired properly. I swapped the sides the bulbs were on and found that the problem switched sides too :stuck_out_tongue: So turns out it’s a bulb issue in my case. Good luck with yours :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re touching the bulb as you’re putting it in. The grease from your fingers insulates the heat being emmited from the inside of the bulb and burns the bulb out very quickly as opposed to it’s normal lifespan.

Someone always has to say “hey maybe you’re touching the bulbs with your fingers…” Guess what, I didn’t. I have an electrical problem of some sort, I’ve tried 2 bulbs now and it still won’t work, so I guess it’s time to pay the ripoff dealership.

Hey guys don’t worry. I had this problem with my stock USDM headlights. I would click the switch on 1 time and it would turn on my Side one’s and interior lights. I would put it on 2 and it would only turn on 1 headlight (not the fog lights) with highbeams both would turn on. We bought a brand new 9006 bulb and swapped it but it didnt work. So we figured out the problem is a blown fuse. The fuse is 10 amps just goto ur fuse box and look for the headlights one. :slight_smile:

Sorry for trying to help. You’d be surprised how many retards there are working on cars for a living. Go to your local Jiffy Lube, my friend. :smiley: