integra timing question

HELLO.My integra’s timing jumped a tooth,i was just wondering if it is possible to adjust the Belt from the cams,instead of taking every thing apart i really dont need a new timing belt. :hmm:

i am 99.99% sure you have to take off the timing belt and you dont have to get new belt if you recently change the belt

Don’t think you can do that without taking off your belts again and redoing it due to the fact that once you remove it your timing is off plus gotta tighten up the tensioner…

By t he way how many mileages is on that teg of yours and how did your belt jumped a tooth?

Seems like to me it must be old, or the tension on it isn’t tight enough so maybe it happen to slip when you drove it or punch it down the road?? I like to know how does your belts/tooth jumped if it ain’t old and if it is grabbing onto that cam gear?

the engine has only 50k slipped a tooth going at 5mph.i think the tensioner is bad.