is the camber adjustable on our tegs?

can we adjust the camber on these tegs while suspension is in stock form? My teg has 135k miles and all four wheels lean inward, the front two are bad enough so the car handles like crap and wears tires in like 6 weeks. HELP PLEASE. I am about to install coilovers and I think I should at least have the alignment correct before I start adjusting the height.

Shaun Ladd

If you’re about to install coil-overs, install a camber kit at the same time.

As for your wheels having negative camber right now, what kind of shape are your springs in? My car used to sit about 1.5" lower than it does right now because the springs were broken in a couple places. Now my buddy’s teg is in the same situation.

The springs are weak, but it still sits up high, about 2"wheel gap in front and 3" in back. Right now it is a high roller. LOL…

Re: is the camber adjustable on our tegs?

Originally posted by Shaun Ladd
can we adjust the camber on these tegs while suspension is in stock form?
There are no factory adjustments, when you install the coilovers just pick up an Ingalls Extreme camber kit, it’ll let you adjust the camber up to +3°.

How much IS that camber kit?

130shipped from guys. or 100 for SRP brand clones from streamlinemotoring on ebay. hes a good guy, i have them and theyre fine.

The off brand are ingalls clones? THey are fully adjustable? I have never seen fully adjustables for the front on ebay

But my question is, if nothing is adjustable, what is allowing it to have such negative camber?

Originally posted by vtec-typer
The off brand are ingalls clones? THey are fully adjustable? I have never seen fully adjustables for the front on ebay

ya they are identical to the ingalls extreme. fully adjustable to 3degrees.

Shaun either your car is lower due to a problem with shocks or springs or your suspension is bent. i doubt theyre bent on all four corners tho

the front should have WAYY higher gap on stock springs so im sure those are the culprit. browse some pics and youll see

Shaun, not sure if you knew this, but on our cars, the wishbones are different lengths so that in hard corners, we get slight negative camber. So if anything’s really worn or weak, you can have the same effect.
Check out your bushings and make sure nothing’s bent or loose.

Actually I didn’t know that. I got my coilovers today and a ingalls camber kit also. I will probably be installing them the weekend of the 12th. I want to get the camber as straight as possible with it at somewhat stock height, then start to lower it until I can no longer keep camber in specs then stop. I hope I can drop it about 2" and still keep tires on the car too. Right now my camber is so bad I run through tires very quick. I will let everyone know.

Thanks for everyones advice.

Shaun Ladd

I hear ya on the tire wear. My car had stock suspension, but was really negative all around. Springs must be sagging. Since the DA is left in the dark when it comes to suspension, I have decided for now just to get the kit. I installed the ingalls, and wouldn’t recommend going with anything less. Now my tire wear seams to be better. I hope you find a place that will do an alignment with your coilovers. Alot of places don’t do it because they know that if you adjust, you throw off your camber.

yes, you can have your camber adjusted properly without purchasing any extra aftermarket parts, such as a camber correction kit, or as I like to call it, a squeak every time you move kit. I dont remember the correct name of the piece, and I will find out and post later, but its the piece between the upper and lower control arms. Take that out and bend it in a press to the proper dimensions, which I can get for you if interested, and this will adjust your camber proplerly. And before the “hazard police” arrest me for imporper advice, I along with half a dozen other hondas in the DFW area that I know and coutless hot rodders in the past have done this- my personal experience has been well over 25k miles with no problems whatsoever


Are you talking about bending something back to factory specs, or altering something to make it work for a lowered car? I am interested either way, but I just want to be clear about this. My problem is due to either something being misaligned, bent, or a worn bushing somewhere, cause my car is still on stock suspension. Unless like someone else mentioned my springs are sagging enough to make this an issue, which also might be possible.

no this would be for a camber issue due to lowering the car- sorry for not reading your entire question properly :bang:


thanks anyways