ITR flywheel, need.........

So I’ve been holding on to my ITR flywheel for a year. Tried to have it installed last year, but of course it won’t go without ITR pressur plate. Spring is coming and so is the cash flow, I gotta green light on my projects.

When I goto install the flywheel, I’m planning on ACT/ITR (?) pressure plate. I would also like to go with ACT clutch pad. My question is, am I on the right track and will I need a “certain” pad to fit on my LS tranny?

Secondly, I’m also looking for GSR tranny to use as well w/LS 5th. Can I use the same clutch setup or will I need to change it up? Thanks!

i think a lot of this is going to have to do with which tranny you have. The clutches for the 90-91 and 92-93 are different. If you have a 90-91 tranny then an itr clutch wouldn’t work.

I’m pretty sure that all of the b series flywheels are interchangible. meaning that you don’t need any itr clutch parts. Just swap the flywheel in and if you have the money then replace the clutch at the same time (with either a 90-91 or 92-93 clutch, depending on which tranny you have).

if your car is a 90-91 and you plan on installing a vtec tranny then it complicates things a little. If you end up buying an 89-91 b16a tranny (y1/s1/j1) then you’ll need to use a 90-91 integra clutch. If you end up getting a 92-93 gsr tranny then you’ll need a 92-93 clutch. So, i suggest finding a tranny before you rush out and buy a clutch—that way you’ll be 100% sure you’re getting the right clutch.

Also, i believe that an aftermarket clutch for an itr is exactly the same as one for a 94+ gsr as well as for a 94+ ls/gs/rs, as well as for a 92-93 integra. I’m not positive on that, but i’ve heard you can put a stock itr clutch into a 92-93 teg tranny—which is why I assume that all the 92+ clutches are the same. I’d check part numbers for aftermarket clutches and see what you can find out.

I have an ITR flywheel. I paired it with CM stage 3 clutch and it bolted up fine. I don’t have the part numbers for the clutch and flywheel though but i just told them i have a 92 integra LS. I think 91IntegGS is right with the interchangability of the clutch and flywheel.

yeah, the flywheels are all interchangable. possibly you didn’t line up the pressure plate correctly… the pins only go on one way.

give it another shot, good luck!


The problem I had when I first tried to install the fly the LS PP didn’t bolt on. That’s why I’m still holding on to it. I knew that ITR PP was needed, but still not too sure about clutch pad. The points were PP bolted up to fly didn’t match, 1 has 6 points and the other fly has 9. Thanks for your help fellas!!!

get the clutch disc that corresponds to your tranny. if you have a 90-91 then get a 90-91 clutch disk. If you have a 92-93 then get a 92+ clutch disk.

thats odd about the pp. I was under the impression that all the b series flywheels were interchangible.

Thanks! It all makes sense now. Project is coming up real soo, let you guys know how it goes.