I've read lots, but still have a question


1990 teg GS. The car had many idle problems, but after reading all about possible solutions here, a dirty IACV (sp) was to blame. After cleaning this, the car has been running better then ever this last week. This site is great.
Anyway, today i had to go to the dealer to get the rest of my “tune-up” parts. I just installed a new rotor, cap, plugs, wires, cleaned the throttle plate. About 10 minutes from my place, the car dies. I tried to re-start, but it would crank only. The battery and alternator are not to blame. I checked the MFR as per the desrcription on the site, it’s doing its job (engine light turns off after i hear a brief "click). It may have something to do with the ignitor (the thing you have to take off when replacing the rotor). It has to wires connected to it, + and -.
The two connectors/wires have nothing when checked with a logic probe. No power or ground even with key in the ON position. My question is are one of these two wires supposed to have a constant ground or power?? I think one should, correct??
I am waiting till 5 for a buddy to come help me with the car (it’s hard to check for spark when you are alone with no spark tester). basically a “how-to” on checking the ignitor and coil would be great (I have not been able to find the haynes download link yet). Thanks. :think: