japanese taillight paint - name or URL?

A few months back before painting my taillights, I read someone discussing some japanese spray paint made specifically for painting taillights. I used testor’s candy apple red, but it’s recently become foggy and dull.

Can someone tell me the name of that Japanese paint, or possibly a URL where I can get details on it? (or even buy it!) I’ve searched, but can’t find any helpful threads…

i bought some stuff called “NightShades”…got it at my local “custom” auto shop…works well and is fairly cheap.($12)
Oh yeah and its especially made for taillights.

ben a couplemonths my testors looks great,

i think if it wears off i’ll repaint,

do u recommend coating after painteD?

if you use the testors paint buy the high gloss clear thay testors also sells. I had that done to my old 90-91 tails i had them all red witht he high gloss greared they are still shiny till this day.