JDM 1-Piece Headlights

I never thought I would have put these lights on my car, but sure enough I did. And I like 'em.

But now I have a problem and need to remedy it before I get caught in a jam.

What is the designation in North America for these bulbs in the headlight? They are similar to an H4 but have a smaller base.

What are you guys using to illuminate these headlamps??
I knew I should have gone with projectors :jerkoff: :down:

Do I have to order them from my bud in Australia???

first off, you shouldn’t have gone with projectors. nipples are for breasts and baby bottles, NOT foglight housings.

as far as bulbs, this has been covered eleventy billion times (and you could also just look at the bulb itself as the specification is right on there)…but i’ll do it one last time.


www.optauto.com has both OEM stanley bulbs and Raybrig’s for this application

for the love of god…


because the other thousands of threads about it must not have gotten saved, as I’m sure you searched before asking this common a question, correct?