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I was wondering, since i plan to refinish my car with either the B-50 (?) color code (stock integra) or with a '00 Civic Si blue and i need to know where all the JDM emblems/stickers go. I need a complete list. so far i have only found imcomplete stuff, one says a H goes in the middle of the hatch, another person says that “honda” goes on the left side and Integra XSi sticker goes on the right side of the hatch. Can anybody help me?

search my man

XXSI on the right side where LS/RS/GS went, honda on the right side where some say Acura, and the H emblem in the middle.

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No Honda emblem…only the H emblem in the middle, and the Integra XSi on the right side where Integra already is.

Definitely search will help. I posted this question a few months back.

Wow, not much help so far.

The Honda “H” emblem obviously goes in the middle of the hatch in the rear. Integra XSI sticker on right side. I believe there is NO Honda emblem on the left side of hatch, where Acura used to be. There is also a “DOHC VTEC” sticker that goes on the bottom of rear hatch glass, on the XSi model. And then the Honda “H” on the front of the hood.

I’ve also heard that there are DOHC VTEC stickers on the side as well, but I can’t say that for sure.

These are the exact stickers sold at Inline Four.

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Um ok? Thanks for repeating exactly what I typed…minus the fact that I forgot about the DOHC VTEC sticker, which I cannot believe I forgot about, considering there is one in my garage waiting for my car to get back from body and paint.

Oh well.

As far as the DOHC VTEC stickers on the side, yes. <–I stand corrected.

Let me find the diagram that shows the factory sticker/ emblem locations.

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I cannot seem to find that thread that I participated in. It was an image that was distributed by Honda…so it was all correct. Oh well.

there are Vtec DOHC stickers on the side of my 2door XSI…its on the 4 door version as well

most of you seem to be forgetting that the XSi was not the only trim level on the market.

Closest to LS would most likely be the ZXi.

WOAH! I have never seen them before on that chassis! Nice! Looks like I need to get a set for my DB2.



i have on my 91 ls, RSI have XSi on my GSR, and have one very very rare, RXi for my rs, which is now my brothers rs, which means the decal is for sale.

Yea, but the Zxi had a 1.6 ZC in it.


the XSi had a B16… neither had the same engines as the LS/RS/GS-R, but the ZXi had almost the same trim features as the LS.

Here is what Im for SURE of so far: The XSi emblem went where the RS/GS/LS emblem went, and I’ve heard that the “honda” word goes where “acura” used to. I know for a fact that “DOHC VTEC” goes at the bottom of the hatch glass. I’ve also heard that the "H"s go on the front of the hood and between XSi and Honda on the hatch. Other than that i dont know about the side stickers. in my research XSi is as close to a JDM GS you can get and yeah the cars come powered with a b16

The XSi and ZXi (and ZX for that matter) were almost the same trim level, the differences being mechanical. The lower less well specified models were the RX/RXi/RSi depending on trim level.

Anyway this is a standard XSi

Note, the sticker under the left hand tail light probably has the name of the dealer in Japan the car was originally purchased from.

The DOHC VTEC stickers on the side of the car were options, probably dealer installed, the one at the base of the back windscreen came standard from the factory.