JDM IntegraType R Conversion

I just wanted it know how hard it would be to do a JDM ITR conversion on a 91 DA. If anyone could help me out that would be tight




EDIT: I thought this was the engine forum sorry. 5 lug looks sick and i want to do it too. Is it worth the money…in the long run prollly not but it looks sick as shit

if you are only talking about engine and tranny, it would be a direct drop in, all bseries use the same mounts. as far as clutch you will need to do a cable to hydro conversion

This is the Exterior Assistance forum, so I’m going to assume you’re talking about a headlight conversion, in which case you should still SEARCH. A couple of members have done that conversion; it’s an enormous amount of work to do right, so be prepared to spend time and money.

If you’re talking about engine/suspension/tranny, then you’re in the wrong forum.