jdm one piece headlight = dim corner lights?

is everybodys corner lights rediculously dim or is it just mine cause everything thing i get is broke? im using 194’s but there blah:bored:

Don’t worry, mine are dim too.

Get 3652 bulbs.

Originally posted by DA Kine
Get 3652 bulbs.

Were can you get these bulbs? Do they match the JDM headlight h4h bulbs at nite.

1 more question, is there another way besides taking off the bumper to replace the corner wedge bulbs?

the passeger side on i can get with my hand but the drivers side one i move the headlight out a little bit…my headlights are held on by the 3 top bolts only tho…and they stay in place

you know that piece of plastic in teh fenderwell comes off right? reach in from there… thats what i did…

either that or taking off the top of the windsheild washer fluid thing, one bolt and then just PULLLL it might be a little tight, but it helps alot to get it off, drivers side of course…

You can get 3652 bubls at Kragen/Checker/Shucks for $6/pair or Pep Boys for $10/pair

I posted a link to Kragen in one of these threads: