jdm rear wing on da install(help)

i just bought a jdm rear wing and i want to install it , can anyone give my any tips? pics would help alot

before u drill anything measure at least three times and take your time with it

and use masking tape and sharpie pen to make even lines where u are going to drill. its pretty easy once u get into it self explainatory i would say, only thing u might have trouble with is the wiring, not sure were people on here hid it at some one will probably say though

i installed an US one on mine and it came out perfect except for the bottom side of the hatch lid

thanks for the info teggy, anyone else got something to say? (or pics)

On some cars there will be marks on the underside of the hatch for where to drill for the mounting points.

yeah i’ve noticed that too, on my 90 teg i had, it had 4 little circles right were the holes woulda been for a spoiler, but on my 92(the one i put it on) it didnt have anything wierd, i guess honda is a strange company lol!! anyways i measured it plenty it it came out great except for the bottom where the drill pushed through it left little sharp points, i filed them down but it still is a little bit noticeable

thanks for info, anyone got pics?

yeah, supposedly DAs have marks for where to drill for the armrest, but mine didn’t.


i just installed a jdm spoiler on my teg.

this thread has been covered alot, please search some about mounting or installing the spoilers. if you don’t find what your looking for ask. the stock hatchbacks w/ spoilers have ovals to fit the bolts in.

im sorry but the search feature isnt very user friendly and as far as the holes i cant find and guide marks can anyone post a pic?

search : Mounting spoiler, installing spoiler

Here are some pictures grin!

note: those are first holes i drilled, i ended up having to drill side ways inwards on both sides inorder to make it fit. I noticed on the factory holes, that they are shaped like ovals.

thanks kazisdaman! by any chance could you show me the middle mounting points? (i looked but i didnt find those kind of spots in the middle of the hood

i actually did not mount anything the middle, I did not find it necessary. But, could be done, would rather not put more holes in my hatch already and its holding up more than good enough.

cool, but thanks for the pics/help

make sure to replace the rubber seal on the bottom of the spoiler. otherwise you will get a water leak when it rains or you wash your car.

thanks for the advise :slight_smile: