JRSC on a type r

well my friend w/ a py 2001 ITR has wanted some more power from his ITR. he is a older single business man, with not much time to tinker and just wants something that is reliable and safe, but good power. The Jackson Racing Super Charger is what i have suggested ( among many others ) b/c It is just one thing, and doesn’t have a lot of down time.

The JRSC isn’t as risky as an turbo ( i believe ), and I think this is what he would enjoy. Does anyone know any R owners with a JRSC on it, or any healthy mods that are still smog legal, and comfortable for a R daily driver. thanks guys, seeya


JSRC’s besides the fact that they suck are only good for throwing a ton of hot air into your engine. ITR’s with JSRC’s don’t make barely ANY power, and for them to get powerful need A LOT of tuning. Check out the ITR forum and see what they have to say, there is only ONE person there making descent power and that’s due to the fact that he’s done almost 200 dyno runs.

my buddy has one on his 97 gsr - he spun the bearings on the charger and JR wouldn’t warrantee it. So he fixed it and did a p&p job along the way, and at 7lbs he dyno’d at 207 at the wheels, he then put the hondata stage 3 on and haven’t got it perfect yet, but it’s already past 240 at the wheels, they expect to get 250+ out of it at 7lbs. The place that fixed the blower also gave him a 9 and 12lb pulley, but his block is stock for now so 7 is all it can take. HTH

Sport Compact Car magazine did an ultimate street car contest and there was an Integra type R w/ a JR supercharger. I remember that is dynoed in about 240 hp. also pulled over 1G on the skip pad. I think the issue was Feb or March 2002

good luck.

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[B]Sport Compact Car magazine did an ultimate street car contest and there was an Integra type R w/ a JR supercharger. I remember that is dynoed in about 240 hp. also pulled over 1G on the skip pad. I think the issue was Feb or March 2002

good luck. [/B]

That thing only could muster a 14.5 in the 1/4 mile, pretty sad if you ask me.

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That thing only could muster a 14.5 in the 1/4 mile, pretty sad if you ask me. [/B]

yea but 14.5 at 90mph is a lot different then 14.5 at 100. Its a FWD on street tires, you can look at ETs you have to look at MPH.

Did it give MPH? I dont think it did but I could be wrong.

its the march issue- its actually 14.75- no mph is specified. dead last in the 1/4 mile test. the car however is set up for autocross. that integra finished 2nd in the road course test, just behind a ferrari modena piloted by rhys millen. everybody is all about 1/4 mile numbers, but if i was going to throw down with some nascar-lovin’, american V8 driven’, “oh, you got half an engine there”, redneck mutha’ f***ers, id take it to the twisties. yes, a bone stock 5.0 will blow the doors off my lightly modified ls special. but i gaurantee ill kill em at any autcross. yes, for a small fortune a g2 integra can be transformed into a V8 killer, but they make turbo kits for mustangs too. im sorry, i got way off the subject, but i am an autcross junkie and thats my two cents.

preach on brotha- I can’t stand it on every message board when you talk about building up your car the only ? asked is “have you taken it out to the 1/4 mi tranck- what was your time?” If you want a car to go fast in a strait line, then you bought the wrong car. If you want to pull a full g or more in the slalom, or fly by 3 mustangs through the apex of a turn, or take an s curve at 75mph, then you bought the right car if you bought an scc. Again, like you said, off topic, but thas my .02

but ya know what, ANY car can be made to compete in autocross easier then making power for the 1/4 mile. Think about this for a second, whats it take be successful in running the 1/4 mile? Gobs and gobs of power (read: money depending on platform) but in an autocross, you dont really need that much power, brakes, suspension, rims/tires, those are things that more important. Now, dont get me wrong, I would say in general, at our levels, autocross takes more skill. I say that because not everyone can just hop in a 9 second car and run 9’s.

I would also say that in general, its easier to MAKE a succesful autox car then a drag racer. But NOT to drive it. The platform you choose doesn’t have a lot to do with it. You can tell that because cars with 50, 100, sometimes 150 less hp are beating bigger and faster cars.

I guess my point here is, just because its a g2 teg, it doesn’t mean its gonna “fly by 3 mustangs at the apex of a turn” or “pull more then a g.” You can take one of those same mustangs, apply the same theories as you would to a teg (in general) and blow the doors of that same g2 teg that “flew by it.”

Moral of the story: its not the car, its the driver. Dont think that just because its a g2 teg its gods gift to autox. (you can replace autox with road course in this rant)

I wasn’t even referring to a g2 teg when i was talking about 1/4 vs autox - If you notice I said if you bought a scc- that means sport compact car not g2 integra. If you dont believe that you have a better chance for sucess for your investment in a scc to win at autox vs dragracing then i think you’re just looking for someone to argue with. And no one believs in the driver winning the race more than me, but unless you’re running the race you’re gonna have to drive something. And my whole point was mainly why is the basis for how good your car is have to be your 1/4 time?

but what is a sport compact car? I wouldn’t define any civic except the si as one. Or any integra except the gsr and type r. I mean lets face it, there really is not “sport” in those cars stock. When honda designed the integra LS, RS, or GS, or the civic hx, lx, or ex, they weren’t thinking “oh this is gonna be kick ass at handling and speed.” they were thinking “lets make a cheap, reliable car thats good on gas mileage.” Now, thats not saying that these cars cant become something greater, as a lot of people in this club alone have proven. My point is, you dont have to have a “SCC” to be succesful in auto cross. Actually, if you looked at the “ultimate street car challenge” in SCC magazine, the highest number of Gs was pulled by a Datsun 510, a car many people nowadays wouldnt even recognize. Or how about the ferrari, or the supra, they pulled high numbers as well, you cant call those cars “compact” considering the supra weighs in at a portly 3600lbs. Again, you dont need a “SCC” to be succesful, any car short of a 1953 Chevy wagon and cars of that nature, could be succesful.

I want to stress that I’m not arguing here, just having a conversation and trying not to step on anyone’s toes.

you’re exactly right and I wasn’t even debating that. What I said was if youwere to own a scc that your success would be greater in autox vs dragracing considering your competition and your investment into each of these sections of motorsports.

correct, but ofcourse it does depend on the platform and the knowledge of the owner haha… cause I’ve seen some pretty stupid mustang drivers :slight_smile: