just finished b18b swap... just have 2 questions

I just put in a 98 b18b, i used the old mani and header. There is one sensor at the back of the old motor 2 large prongs near the oil filter… what is that? and where the upper rad hose is on the b18b it has a brown plug that i dont know what to plug in , which one of these is causing my rad fan not to come on? thanks

The two pin one on the back is a coolant temperature switch, I believe.

yeah, I just found davers post on how to extend the wires, This is why my fan isnt coming on :sad:

b18b swap to 91 teggi

hey crunk how hard or easy was to do the swap/ iam about to put a 98 LS in my 91 teggie any pointers/does it bolt right on /if you got some pointers email me thanks. :run: WWW.ULIV1C@YAHOO.COM

the swap isnt that hard. you have to swap your intake manifold, crank pulley and exhaust manifold . After that, it drops right in.

But what about the wiring ? Did you have to change your distributor ?

Yeah, im interested in more details as well, i cant seem to find any info on the B18B swap. is it still the same stuff as for a B18C swap? Distributor and injectors if your changing OBD’s? No VTEC wiring either! Ill bet that made it a lil easier…