just got the ls motor out, next XSI ~ help

wow what a pain in the ass taking the ol’ rusted bucket of crap b18a out but anyways, my big question is, when i was lookin at the grey plugs on the XSI, it looks like it wont match up to the ones in the enginebay so will i need to use the b18 wiring? or what. also this is going to be a obd0-obd1 swap. i just use the obd1 distrubutor/ecu/etc since i got the conversion harness hooked up.

i did the ecu part with the conversion harness but another question is, do i have to extend the vtec wires thru the firewall to the xsi motor in the bay?

any other things i should know when tacklin’ this obd0>obd1 swap, this is my first one and ive learned so much, reading can only do so much but actually gettin down and dirty is a different story. all i have to do next is to drop the xsi in and plug and play. thanks and i’ll try and get some pix up.

I know it takes time, but if you’ll run a thorough search you’ll find that all the answers have been put up on this site many times.

Yes, you do need to extend the vtec wires through the firewall as well as the knock sensor wires. As far as what it takes to make everything on your car work with obdI stuff, you’ll need to search. It’s been done here a hundred times.