Kyb Gr2

hey guys…did a search but didn’t find anything.

i was wondering who has kyb gr2’s on their cars and if they have had any problems with them. i have 2 on the rear…and just the other day i was cleaning my wheels…and was checking my brake pads to see how they were, and seen that i had some rust on my struts. both rears. is this a common problem or did i just get some bad ones? by the way, i live in south dakota…and here where i live they used to put salt or some sort of de-icer on the streets…could this be my problem? stopped snowing for the time being, but i’m kinda worried about it…it won’t all of a sudden give out on me would it?

by the way, the rust is around the bottom of the strut, where the strut and the little fork go together, on the bottom of the strut. its just the strut. any info would help.

what the…?
why is this in off topic?

kyb gr2

its just a question. if u can’t help me out, then don’t flame on my topic.

got g2r’s all the way around and havnt had any problem like that yet

Its just surface rust. No big deal…